Our Candidate And Recipient For Delmar Fire Department 2014 Firefighter Of The Year Is Past Chief Donald F. Cooke

Don has dutifully served fifty years of service and still remains an active firefighter today with the Department.  He responded to 93 calls for service and also attended 27 department drills and training sessions during 2014.  Additionally he has assisted with training and mentoring many of the fire department personnel throughout his career.  Don has held nearly every rank within the department serving as a rescue squad lieutenant, fire department lieutenant, captain, assistant chief and last serving as District Chief.   Additionally, Don served as a District Commissioner from 2000 – 2005. His mentoring and leadership has been the foundation for officers spanning the past three decades.   Many of the department’s rank and file as well as officers rely on his guidance and experience to help make us better fire fighters, officers and chiefs.  His experience is invaluable to all of us in the department and we are truly honored to have him amongst our ranks. Don’s dedication to the citizens of the Delmar Fire District is the very thing that has allowed the Delmar Fire Department to serve the public for over a century.