Department History

History of the Delmar Fire Department
Founded May 15th , 1911

On May 15th, 1911 a small group of residents gathered at the Adams House (The Old Town Hall) to discuss the formation of a volunteer fire company.

De. E.J. Bedell and H. W. Cowlbeck were elected temporary chairman and plans for a permanent body were undertaken. Some seventy names were read and the town board designated them as firemen. The name of Delmar Fire Company Chemical No. 1 was adopted and Alton C. Rowe was elected captain.

The Company continued to hold their meetings at the Adams House until 1920, when it was purchased by the fire department.

In 1917 the first piece of equipment was a 1917 American La France soda and acid truck on a Ford chassis. 1925 saw a new Larabie Hose Cart. This truck was sold to Midway Fire Department in 1941 to help them start their fine fire department.

1934 brought a new Mack fire truck into the department and that vehicle is still kept as our parade truck and can be seen at dress parades and is on display at Delmar Station #1. In 1939 the Delmar Rescue Squad was organized as part of the Delmar Fire Department and an ambulance was donated by Peter Applebee. In 1941 a new Mack fire truck was added to the department and as stated in the previous paragraph the Larabie went to Midway Fire Department.